For nearly a century, J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. has been constructing high quality projects throughout the greater Bay Area. We have worked on a variety of different projects including commercial, industrial, civil and multi-family residential / mixed-use developments. In recent years our focus has primarily shifted to negotiated housing projects.


Our philosophy is to provide the highest standard of service to our clients. Our firm’s stability and the quality of our projects has resulted in long term relationships with our clients


J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. started as a landscaping, grading and paving company in the early 1900’s. In 1922, the company was incorporated as a General Engineer & Contractor. For the past 50 years, J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc has provided construction services to include multi-family housing, hospitals, schools, and various civic projects. In the last 20 years J.H. Fitzmaurice has established long lasting relationships with many clients specializing in the construction of affordable multi-family and senior assisted living projects. In early 2014, Tim Fitzmaurice retired from his position as President of J.H. Fitzmaurice and Mohammad Hakimi, former Vice President and Chief Estimator for 30 years, took over as CEO and President of J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc.

  • John Herbert Fitzmaurice

    John Herbert Fitzmaurice, Inc, founder of J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. (pictured third from the right).

  • Piedmont High School 1924

    J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. working at Piedmont High School in 1924.

  • Oakland Hills 1924

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working on a project in the Oakland Hills.

  • Oakland Hills 1925

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working on a project in the Oakland Hills.

  • Bank of Italy 1928

    Bank of Italy which eventually became “Bank of America”.

  • Oakland Hills 1928

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working on a project in the Oakland Hills.

  • Oakland Hills 1928

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working on a project in the Oakland Hills.

  • UC Berkeley 1929

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working at the U.C. Berkeley campus in the late 1920’s.

  • JHF Lunch 1943

    J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. company lunch in 1943.

  • JHF Christmas Dinner 1944

    J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. Christmas Dinner in 1944.

  • 1948

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working in the 1940’s where the average worker salary was $1 to $3 a week.

  • California State Home of the Blind

    California State Home of the Blind, constructed in 1949, provided classes for the deaf and the blind.. Eventually the school was re-named to honor Hellen Keller, who was present at the dedication of the building named in her honor.

  • 1st Concrete Mix Truck

    Founder of J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc., John Herbert Fitzmaurice, pictured with the company’s first concrete mix truck.

  • AGC Certification 1957

    J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. has been a member of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) since 1957.

  • 1958

    John Fitzmaurice (President of Alta Building) Bob Carlin (CEO), Robert Fitzmaurice (President of JHF) Sam Siri (Alta Manager) discussing business in JHF’s Yard.

  • Standard Oil Company 1958

    J.H. Fitzmaurice working at the Standard Oil Co. Richmond, now known as Chevron.

  • Oakland Coliseum

    J.H. Fitzmaurice team reviewing details associated with their new project – parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum. Construction began in the Spring of 1962.

  • Boy Scout Amphitheater

    Boy Scout Amphitheater constructed by J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc., Robert Fitzmaurice (former President of JHF) supported the Boy Scouts of America up until his retirement.

  • Oakland Hills Project

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew hard at work on an Oakland project in the 1940’s.

  • Oakland Hills Project

    J.H. Fitzmaurice crew working on a project in the Oakland Hills.



– Site Analysis
– Feasibility Studies / Building Type & Systems
– Cost Estimating
– Value Engineering
– Construction Document Review & Constructability Analysis


– Project Management
– Cost Analysis
– Time Management
– Quality Control
– Local Hiring & Contract Compliance

Over the years J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. has been committed to providing the highest quality of construction services to our clients.